Import CSV as Fixture

Import CSV as Fixture

how to import a .csv file into a Stage to create your Led fixture

CSV Formating

For importing the csv it needs to be formated with "," separator and column name like this
  • Fixture Type: "Layer" or "Type"
  • Group: "Position"
  • Instance Name: "Spot"
  • Position X: "Position X" or "X"
  • Position Y: "Position Y" or "Y"
  • Position Z: "Position Z" or "Z"
  • Rotation X: "RotX"
  • Rotation Y: "RotY"
  • Rotation Z: "RotZ"
  • Universe: "Patch Universe" or "Patch"
  • Channel: "Patch Address" or "Channel"

Here is an example of a spreadsheet witch is save into a CSV:


Importing the CSV is made by a right click into the stage tree.
The importation process can take some time if your csv contain a lot of element.
After the importation Smode atamaticly created:
  1. The fixture bank with inside the different fixture type.
  2. The Group of element.
  3. The led instance with their Dmx Universe and address set.


Only the Positions Columns are required at the minimum.
The name of the fixture will be "Led" and no group created.
If there is no Universe and Channel Columns the adressing will be automatic.

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