Connect Points

Connect Points

3D Modifier - Connect Points to generate splines in order to display lines

Generate lines connecting points. This modifier allows to generate lines on a geometry that hadn't previously (as Random Points Random Points generated inside a volume (sphere, box or any other Smode primitive) Read More , Grid Points 3D grid filled with points Read More or Particles Simulate a particle system Read More ) By checking the "generateTriangles" you can also generate faces (beware that this option is very costly in terms of performances).
After adding this modifier, you can then add a Wireframe Lines Simple wire-frame Lines with not much options Read More , Thick Lines Wire-frame lines with many options and who can use any 2D Layer as map Read More or a Tube Lines Generate tubes over geometry edges Read More even over a particle system. Or even a Surface Display geometry's triangles as a surface Read More if "generateTriangles" is checked This is what we use to do this shiny plexus effect :

And this is how you do it :


  • Distance (Meters Interval) : Distance range two points needs to be to generate a line. Be cautious with that parameter. Too many lines and your GPU will die screaming
  • Segments (Positive Number (> 0)) : Subdivisions of the generated lines useful if you don't want straight lines and distort
  • Generate Triangles (On/off option) : Generate triangles geometries

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