DMX Output

DMX Output

Video Output Device - Legacy DMX screens system

This is the legacy way of doing outputing DMX with Smode. It's officially deprecated since Smode 8.6 and it is recommanded to use the stage Fixture Definitions A dedicated Bank to store your fixtures Read More instead.

Remove watermark

Whether you see this problem in your devices
or this one in your video outputs;

it means that you have to add the requested number of IO Channel Remove watermark on inputs and outputs channels Read More to your device.


  • Fixture Tile Resolution (Pixel Size) : If the screen is composed of multiple fixture tiles, this represents the pixel resolution of each tile. Must be a mutiple of DMX output resolution. Else, if there is only one tile, this must be equal to the output resolution.
  • Color Format (Dmx Video Output Color Format) : Color format of the dmx output
  • Color Depth (Dmx Video Output Color Depth) : Color depth of the dmx output
  • Pixel Gap (Positive Number) : Gap size in channel between each pixels. Can be useful to interleave special pixel format like RGBW, with a RGB DMX Output with gap of 1 and another DMX Output in grayscale with an offset and gap of 3, for instance.
  • Fixture Channel Count (Positive Number (Optional)) : Total footprint of each fixture tile in DMX Channels. This allows to jump to the next fixture automatically. This allows to have fixture owning not only DMX color channel but other controller before and after the screen channel. Note that if a fixture cannot fit in a universe, the next universe is used with the same Channel offset. Note that if many fixtures are present, the next Universe is used automatically, the next Network can be used if all 256 Universe are full.

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