Simple Centralized Setup

Simple Centralized Setup

A Basic Smode Unreal centralized Setup for XR with 2 server

Don't forget follow the general parameter here: How-To Unreal 5 How to configure Unreal 5 for XR with SMODE Read More
With this setup you can do a set extension with AR
In this setup you have 2 server, One for Smode and the other for Unreal, they are both connected together via the network and via the quadroSync card for Genlock
The Unreal server Output 2 image for the Smode server to capture, 1 color and 1 key
To setup the Unreal server you can start by using the incameraVFX sample and remove all node form the configuration then you can follow this: Unreal Color Viewport Render a Unreal Color Viewport for Smode to use as Back and/or Front Read More and this: Unreal Key Render a Unreal Key for Smode to use as Alpha Layer Read More , this 2 viewport will make the Unreal node ready to be launched and connected to SMODE


the recommended hardware are
  • AMD Ryzen 9 3950X for Unreal server
  • AMD Threadrippers for the SMODE server ( to have enough PCI lane )
  • A6000 or more recent Pro Nvidia card
  • quadroSync II card
  • 10g network card
  • M.2 Solid State Drives (SSDs)
  • One Blackmagic DeckLink Quad HDMI or 2 Deltacast Flex DP card in the SMODE server ( to capture Unreal )
  • One Blackmagic DeckLink SDI or 1 Deltacast SDI card in the SMODE server ( to capture the camera )
  • A 10g Network Switch
  • a Sync Generators for Genlock

Video Tutorial

After setting up Unreal you can setup How-To Unreal In Smode How to integrate your Unreal content inside Smode Read More

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