Custom Function

Custom Function

Function - Draw a function

Custom functions are functions in which you can draw ! Yeah babe yeah !
Select this function, draw it and then smooth it. There you go !

As opposed to keyframe function, where Smode generates most of the values through interpolation, the custom function has a list of values (the buffer), and the user has to indicate every one of them.
You can use your mouse and click on the function view to change its shape by hand. What one usually does after defining the shape is to plays with the smoothing parameter to even out errors.
You can use this option to Record live values in timelines Live records for rehearsal Read More Parameters:
Begin, End : Defines the begin and end, to resize the buffer (see following illustration)
Smoothing : Defines how much the function will be smoothed out to even out errors

Here is a little tutorial using a custom function :

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