Radial mask

Radial mask

2D TextureMask - Mask defined through an ellipse

A radial mask is parametered by a 2D ellipse and enables to define a radial selection.
Note that similar and more evolved masks can be obtained by combining a Layer mask Turn any 2D generator into a mask Read More with a Radial Gradient This generator creates a linear gradient (by default from black to white), in a circle from the center to the edges of the layer Read More .
Related masks in 3D space are: Sphere Mask with a sphere shape Read More and Cylinder Mask with a cylinder shape Read More .
If you want to create a perfectly round radial mask, put Smode in pixel unit and there you go :


  • Ellipse (Ellipse) : Ellipse defining the selection
  • Feather (Feather Parameters) : Feather parameters
  • Fill Outside (On/off option) : If enabled, the outside of the ellipse will be filled

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