Distort Modifiers

Distort Modifiers

Change pixels coordinates

Change pixels coordinates. In combination with 2D TextureMask Define a 2D Mask applicable on any 2D Renderer or 2D Modifier Read More these modifiers can be quite powerful as it's not their opacity but their intensity which is masked. So they can be used for many purposes.


Flip - Flip an image on horizontally, vertically, or both

Kaleidoscope - Repeat part of an image by mirroring it (making things symmetrical)

2D Transform - Change pixels position using translate, scale and rotate parameters with wrapModes

Displace - Move each pixel in a direction given a distortion map

Polar Coordinates - Make your image circular

Droste - Image inception

Swirl - Distort with swirling ripples

Warp - Manual distort, perspective mapping tool

Radial Distortion - Camera lens radial distorsion

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