Free Shape Led Screen

Free Shape Led Screen

Led Screen - Turn any Smode primitive into a LED screen

Useful to create setups with domes or complexes surfaces. Can also be made from a 3D File External referenced 3D file (.fbx and .obj) Read More using Import as Group in the Stage Learn how to name your object in the 3d Software of your choice before importing your FBX in Smode Read More .
For basic planar led screen, better use a Led Screen Screens with a pitch and a luminosity Read More .
Here is an example of this screen shaped as a Box:

And here how to create it:


  • Geometry (3D Generator) : Geometry of the free shape led screen


Standard Presets: Sphere LED, Half Cylinder vertical LED 2, Full Dome Exterior LED, Full Dome Interior LED, Cylinder LED, Half Cylinder LED, Half Cylinder vertical LED and Cone LED

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