Perspective Remapping

Perspective Remapping

2D Placement - Perspective mapping of an input quad to an output quad

This type of placement allows you to remap a quad defined inside an image to a quad defined in Smode space. To do that first click on "edit on" button in the visualizer, uncheck Enable inside the parameters and click on Reset Input. Then you need to define the 4 key-points of the image on the input image. Once finished check Enable and click on Reset Output. You can now place the output quad as you wish in the visualizer.


  • Enable (On/off option) : Use this to switch from input/output quad in the visualizer when editing
  • Reset Input (Trigger) : Reset input quad to default state
  • Input (Quadrilateral) : Points defining the input quad
  • Reset Output (Trigger) : Reset output quad to default state
  • Output (Quadrilateral) : Points defining the output quad

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