Create a TC timecode visualizer

Create a TC timecode visualizer

Visualize your Timecode in a composition.

1) Configure your Clock Device Used to synchronize an animation with Time Code Read More
2) Create a Link Bank A Bank of Link Read More .
3) Right click on the link bank and create a Link A link from a source parameter to a set of Link Target Read More .
4) Configure the link as below:

5) Create a Text Generator A simple but very powerful text Read More
6) Right click on the text parameter and connect to -> clock

7) Add a To String Change the Input number into character strings Read More to the Link Target Represent a link or parameter. Point toward an element parameter. "right click -> Goto" on the target to go to that element Read More
You'll appreciate better your timecode with monospaced font such as Consolas or Lucida Sans Unicode.

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