Single 2D Renderer

Single 2D Renderer

2D Renderer - Default renderer using a 2D Placement Define a placement in 2D space Read More

This renderer displays the image once at a position defined by its 2D Placement Define a placement in 2D space Read More . It's the default renderer for 2D Layer A single 2D Layer Read More .
Each single 2d renderer can optionally be customized with 2D Modifier Modify a 2D image Read More and 2D Renderer Effect An effect that modifies the way a 2D layer is rendered Read More .


  • Modifiers (List of 2D Modifiers) : Modifiers used only on this renderer
  • Blending Mode (Blending Mode) : How this single 2d renderer gets blended
  • Wrap Modes (Frame Wrap Modes) : If the placement does not take all available space, these parameters define how to fill the remaining space.
    There is one wrap mode per side (top, bottom, left, right) and by default all four sides are set to Transparent . Here is an example with the Mirrored Repeat wrap mode:

    By default, all four sides share the same wrap mode. Use the Link A link from a source parameter to a set of Link Target Read More parameter to disconnect the different sides. Here is an example with Edge and Blurred Edge wrap modes:

    Note that wrap modes are not available in combination with the Bezier Placement defined by a Bezier grid Read More placement. More precisely, if the wrap modes differ from Transparent , the placement will internally be converted into a Perspective Placement defined by a quad using perspective interpolation Read More placement.
  • Placement (2D Placement) : Placement of the renderer
  • Effects (List of Texture Renderer Effects) : Effects attached to this renderer

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