GPU Memory Meter

GPU Memory Meter

Displays the ratio of graphics memory used to the available memory

The GPU Memory Meter indicates the proportion of the graphics card memory that is currently used. You can find it at the bottom right of the interface in this form: 'GPU MEM: used/available GB'.
This indicator should always remain green.
If it turns RED , try to optimize your show. Refer to the topic: How-to Manage Loading and VRam usage This topic explain how to manage the Loading of the content to avoid full VRAM usage For more information on the GPU Memory Meter Read More .

Here are some tips to reduce the amount of GPU memory used:
  1. GPU Memory is shared between all applications. First, try closing other applications that may be using the graphics card.
  2. Close the Smode documents you don't need.
  3. Toggle the ON-AIR Enable/Disable ON-AIR mode Read More twice to clean up unused memory resources.
  4. Lower the resolutions of your Compos and textures.
  5. Reduce multi-sampling parameters if you were using them.
  6. If nothing else works, simplify your Compos by using fewer images, videos, and pre-compositions.

Refer to the topic Use optimisation tools to accelerate a composition It is running fast? Could be faster. Read More for more tips on optimizing content in Smode.

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