3D Modifier - Repeat a geometry in space

Allow to repeat a geometry based on translation / rotation / scale / number of instances parameters. Repeat can be added one after another.
/!\ this modifier cannot be masked

If that can help, here is a little video of basic repeat manipulations. But you can go way beyond that. I'm so proud of you, documentation reader. With that video you'll gain 2xp in creativity :

Repeat modifier can also be used to create things we use a lot in TV which is the infamous infinite zoom. Here is a quick tutorial to explain how to do it. The trick is to be sure no 3D layer (camera / group / mesh) is weirdly scaled, and then to do an animation loop on the camera the same size of the repeat modifier distance in the same direction. But well, just check it out ^^:


  • Count (Positive Number) : Count of the repeat
  • Placement (3D Placement) : Placement (position/orientation/size by default) of the instances

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