Control Device - Use ArtNet Device as controller

An ArtNet Control Device Use any external controllers such as MIDI or OSC, DMX, and ArtNet Read More allows sending or receiving DMX messages over the network via the Art-Net protocol (DMX over Ethernet).
When using fixtures, adding a 'unicast' output will increase your performance over broadcasting on all networks.
for a Panasonic VP, you need to use unicast without partial packet.


  • Identifier (Socket) : Identifies the Art-Net device
    • Receive (On/off option) : Activate Art-Net packet reception
    • Local Input (Local Network Address) : Local network address of the socket device identifier reception
    • Reuse Local Port (On/off option) : Allows local reception port reusing to let multiple software's listening to it
    • Send (On/off option) : Activates Art-Net packet emission
    • Remote Output (Network Address) : Remote network address of the socket device identifier emission
    • Broadcast (On/off option) : Toggles emission broadcast mode (needs special broadcast IP like or subnet broadcast like
  • Filter (Universe Filter) : Filter the input messages according to subnet and universe range to avoid flooding
    • Min Ip (Text) : Min client IPv4 address of the universe filter
    • Max Ip (Text) : Max client IPv4 address of the universe filter
    • Min Port (Network Port) : Min client UDP Port of the universe filter
    • Max Port (Network Port) : Max client UDP Port of the universe filter
    • Min Universe (Universe Selector) : Minimum universe value to accept
    • Max Universe (Universe Selector) : Maximum universe value to accept
  • Local Start (Universe Selector) : Custom Offset applied on the Art-Net channels
  • Time Base (Video Time Base) : Frequency of sending messages. If set to null, messages are sent as soon as output controller changes. (Warning, this can flood target devices when framerate is high)
  • Send Sync Packed (On/off option) : Synchronizes the display of the previous DMX message through the different devices. May create latency with old materials.
  • Allow Partial DMXPacket (On/off option) : Allows partial DMX packets
  • Unicast Outputs (List of Universes Unicast Outputs) : Allows you to send DMX message through specific Network/Universe/channels. Overwrite the filter

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