Media Directories

Media Directories

Where all of your content medias are

Smode handles data -- pictures, videos, 3d objects and Smode documents -- through the concept of media directories. A media directory is a shortcut to local hard-drive location. Every link to a data in Smode is stored as a relative path to one of those media directories.
Thanks to this system of relative paths, Smode documents can be copied or moved from one computer to another one even if the hard-drive paths differ.
By default, Smode has the three following media directories:
  • Standard Pack : The Standard Pack is used for internal Smode usage like presets, previews and helper meshes. This media directory should never be removed.
  • Features : This media directory contains simple compositions illustrating Smode features.
  • Examples : This media directory contains more advanced examples of what's possible to do with Smode.

At any time, Smode maintains a cache of previews and meta-datas of everything contained by the media directories. This enables to have previews and cached metadata for every file.

Adding a media directory

In order to create your own compos, you will probably want to create your own media directory, like C:\Medias for example. This can be performed by drag and dropping a windows folder inside of the file tree:

Adding a Media directory can also be done by right clicking on the background of the file editor and by selecting command Add Media Directory:

Last, it's possible to manage the list of media directories via the Medias directories Manage the list of media directories Read More preference panel.
It is highly recommended to not add medias directories containing too many images (like long image sequences) as Smode may take ages to create the pre-visualisation

Adding content to media directories

If you want to add some content like pictures or videos to your media directory you need to do it on windows. You can also right click on the title of your media directory, click on “reveal in explorer” and add your new picture in the folder.

Converting video in HAP and audio in WAV from Smode

Note that many different kind of file formats and codecs (.mp4, .avi, .mp3, etc. ) cannot be read directly by Smode and need to be converted into HAP or WAV first.
You can simply right click on your media
This will allow you to transcode video into hap or hap alpha. The result video file will be stored in a new HAP sub folder. You can extract audio in a separate .wav file by uncheck Video Enabled The result audio file will be stored in a new WAV sub folder.
You can also trancode .mp3 into .wav the same way

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