Colorize Layer

Colorize Layer

3D Modifier - Colorize geometry vertices with a 2D Generator The part of a 2D layer that generates the image Read More

Use a map (can be a Shared Element A shared element that can be reused at several places like an After Effects precomposition Read More too). To color each vertex based on it's UV. To use this modifier over a particle set, either emit particles from a geometry or use a UV Mapping Remap UV of a mesh using simple mappings (Cylindrical / planar / orthographic / perspective) Read More . As you'll see on the example below, that is what mean "per vertex color". On a low subdivided plane (10x10) you'll get something like that :

On a medium subdivided plane (64x64), you'll get something like that :

This modifier is so particularly effective over a particles system. You can use a Video Input Extract the image from a Video Input Device Read More as map to colorize your particles with what comes out of your webcam.

You can also try to combine it with Layer Intensity Field where particles move toward a certain color in a 2D layer Read More or Normal Map Layer Field based on a Normal Map Read More + Optical Flow Use image feedback to convert movement to rgb colors Read More to a maximum funky fresh effect to the over top.
Here is a tutorial example using this modifier :



Standard Presets: CheckerBoard, Compo, Noise, Parent Input and Video Input

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