Colorize Layer

Colorize Layer

3D Modifier - Colorize geometry vertices with a 2D Generator The part of a 2D layer that generates the image Read More

Uses a map (can be a Shared Element A shared element that can be reused at several places like an After Effects precomposition Read More too). To color each vertex based on its UV. To use this modifier over a particle set, either emit particles from a geometry or use a UV Mapping Remap UV of a mesh using simple mappings (Cylindrical / planar / orthographic / perspective) Read More . As you'll see on the example below, that is what mean "per vertex color". On a low subdivided plane (10x10) you'll get something like that :

On a medium subdivided plane (64x64), you'll get something like that :

This modifier is so particularly effective over a particles system. You can use a Video Input Extract the image from a Video Input Device Read More as a map to colorize your particles with what comes out of your webcam.

You can also try to combine it with Layer Intensity Field where particles move toward a certain color in a 2D layer Read More or Normal Map Layer Field based on a Normal Map Read More + Optical Flow Use image feedback to convert movement to rgb colors Read More for a maximum funky fresh effect to the over top.
Here is a tutorial example using this modifier :



Standard Presets: CheckerBoard, Compo, Noise, Parent Input and Video Input

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