Clock Device

Clock Device

Device - Used to synchronize an animation with Time Code

Clocks are used to synchronize animations between different computers and external devices, such as Time Code.
To create a Clock device, go to the Preferences Smode Preferences panel Read More panel [F11], in the Engine Preferences General preferences of SMODE's rendering engine. Add your Device here: MIDI controller, OSC, Video and Audio devices etc. Read More tab. Create a new Clock Input by clicking the Add button and choose the clock you want to use in the list.

If you want to synchronize a Timeline Timelines specificity is to play, cut and edit video layers easily, and to animate layers and their parameters Read More , enable Time Code in its parameters and select your clock device in the list.
If you want to synchronize a Cue List Add cues one after another to encode your Show Read More , select your clock device in the list.
Then, you will find a 'Time Code' parameter in every element of your Cue List. You can choose whether you only want to trigger an event or play everything according to the Time Code:

Smode Community doesn't have clock devices.

Parameters to all Clock Devices

  • Time (Seconds) : Current time of the clock device (Read Only)
  • Playing (On/off option) : True if clock device is running (Read Only)
  • Time Base (Video Time Base) : Time base of the clock device (Read Only)


Current Time Clock - Use the current time of your computer to synchronize animations

Manual Clock - Set the time you want

MIDI Clock - Interpret external MIDI Timecode

Audio Clock Device Identifier - Audio Input Channel Choice

Audio Clock - Interpret external audio timecode

Local Clock differs too much from received time - What does this warning mean?

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