Spherical Camera

Spherical Camera

Camera - Spherical Camera (for 360 videos)

Since version 7.6 Smode integrates spherical cameras (sometimes called 360 cameras).
Theses cameras are unwrapped (like cubmaps) when used inside compo (see Unwrap Mode).


  • Clipping Distances (Clipping Distance) : Clipping distances of the spherical camera
  • Cube Map Resolution (Positive Number (> 0)) : Resolution of one face of the cubemap used for rendering (must be a square that why there is only one value).
  • Unwrap Mode (Cube Map Unwrapper) : How the cubemap should be rendered has a compo, the most used standard (eg: used by Youtube and Facebook) is Equirectangular, which is the default value. Note that Smode uses more or less the same convention than Unity3D.

    • Cross Horizontal : (useful to export cubemaps)

    • Dome Master format : (for projection in domes)

    • Equi-rectangular : (sometimes called LatLong, useful for video export)

    • Horizontal Split : (follows the unity convention)

    • Single Face : (display only one face of the camera)

  • Rendered Faces (Cube Faces Activation) : allows you to controls which faces of the cubemap the spherical camera should render, if you have faces that you won't use you can deactive them here to improve performances. By default this value is optimised in function of Unwrap Mode.

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