Test Pattern

Test Pattern

2D Generator - Generate a Test Pattern

The Test Pattern generator is often useful to debug video signal and content addressing issues.
Almost any aspect of the test pattern (grid, diagonals, central circles, text label, ...) can be customized through the parameters.
The image below shows four different settings for these parameters:


  • Opacity (Percentage) : Opacity of the test pattern
  • Tiles Resolution (2D Size in Pixels (Optional)) : Size of the grid
  • Grid Justification (Justification) : Position of the grid
  • Background (Color) : Background color
  • Colored Checker Board (Colored Checker Board Component) : Each tile is colored in the grid for easy troubleshoots
  • Grid (Line Test Pattern Component) : Grid properties (activation, color, thickness)
  • Tile Labels (Tile Labels Test Pattern Component) : Text label A1,A2...,B1,B2... for each tile of the grid
  • Corner Circles (Line Test Pattern Component) : Corner circles properties (activation, color, thickness)
  • Corner Circles Count (Positive Number (> 0)) : Number of corner circles
  • Centered Circles (Line Test Pattern Component) : Centered Circles properties (activation, color, thickness)
  • Centered Circles Count (Positive Number (> 0)) : Number of centered circles
  • Diagonals (Line Test Pattern Component) : Diagonals properties (activation, color, thickness)
  • Edges (Line Test Pattern Component) : Edges properties (activation, color, thickness)
  • Corners (Line Test Pattern Component) : Corners properties (activation, color, thickness)
  • Logo (Logo Pattern Component) : Display the Smode logo or not
  • Label Text (Text Test Pattern Component) : Label Text properties (activation, color, size)
  • Resolution Text (Text Test Pattern Component) : Resolution Text properties (activation, color, size)
  • Moving Bars Period (Seconds) : Moving Bars revolution period
  • Horizontal Bar (Moving Bar Test Pattern Component) : Horizontal Bar properties (activation, color, thickness)
  • Vertical Bar (Moving Bar Test Pattern Component) : Vertical Bar properties (activation, color, thickness)


Standard Presets: Corners, Text Info, Circles, Fine grid, 100 Px Grid, 512 Px Grid, 8 Px Grid, Edges and Moving Bars, 8 Px Grid And Corners, Colored Grid and Colored Grid and labels

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