Physical Camera

Physical Camera

Camera - A camera that simulate a real-one

physical camera needs a specific XR/AR licence. Please contact us for trying thanks our #XRForm
Mostly used for Virtual Production, this camera simulate the optical distorsion of a real one.
The physical camera cannot be used as a inherited camera due to the optical distortion it applies to the rendering.

By default, the physical camera is setted in Link To Tracker Placement relative to tracker Read More placement type.

Model and Resolution

The Model parameters defines the type of camera you simulate and how the radial distorsion will be calculated.
If the Tracker a Tracker represent a real tracker and is part of a Tracking System Read More used to place this camera also sends optical information (focus, zoom, etc), those datas can be applied directly as the physical camera model using the "use tracker model" option.
Pick a model in the type list to access to its parameters. The types refers directly to the following Control Device Use any external controllers such as MIDI or OSC, DMX, and ArtNet Read More tracking protocols (except for pinhole):
Change the resolution of the camera: If you want to change the resolution of the physical camera, you need to select in the first Stage Element An element inside the Stage Read More group. That can be a Stage Elements Group Group multiple stage elements together Read More or the Stage 3D modeling of the real-world video setup Read More itself. Then in advanced parameter change the Default Camera Resolution to the wated value.

Mixing 2D and 3D

Mixing 2D and 3D content on the same level when using a physical camera is not recommended as it induces radial distortion on the 2d element

The recommended workflow is to preCompose your 3D element like this:

Save and Load your the camera Model

To export your camera Model you can right click on the model and save it

This will create a CameraModel .optic A file that contain Model for a Physical Camera Read More file
to import it you can right click on the model and load it or drag and drop it onto a physical camera in your tree.

XR Calibrator

In case of Create and Run your XR Studio in Smode projects, you'll need to calibrate your setup. The physical camera is the only one that accept the XR Calibrator A specific tool for XR calibration Read More
to create a XR Calibrator, right click on the physical camera -> Tool An element that adds logic and/or functionality to your compo, that is not visible on screen Read More -> Calibrator -> XR Calibrator A specific tool for XR calibration Read More


  • Alpha Layer (On/off option) : The physical camera stream by taking alpha in account or not
  • Enable Radial Distortion (On/off option) : Activate the radial distortion to fit the optics of the real camera
  • Fixed Oversize (Percentage (Optional)) : Oversize the rendering of the physical camera to have margin for the radial distortion

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