How to add and edit ISF in Smode

How to add and edit ISF in Smode

Add and modify ISF generator/modifiers in Smode

Add ISF to Smode

You can simply copy/paste your .fs file in a repository.
.fs files are treated in the same way as any other file in Smode. Drag and drop it into your elements tree to use it

Edit ISF directly in Smode

Open the Shader Editor You want to code some Shader inside of Smode? Here it is. Read More .

This panel allows you to access the code of any shader select in the elements tree. You can edit this code as you like and update it by pressing CTRL + MAj + ENTER

Once you have made the changes, you can export the .fs file by right clicking on the layer and choosing "export ISF Modifier / Generator". Then define the folder in which you want to save it.

Your personal ISF is ready to be reused!
Check the for more informations.

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