Transcode image sequence

Transcode image sequence

Convert a list of images into video

Your Image List does not need to be inside of your Medias directories Manage media directories Read More in order to encode it as a video. It will even be better to leave them outside of your medias directories, as Smode may take ages to create the pre-visualisation.

First click on FILEMenu for Opening, Saving and Closing operations > Transcode image sequence :

Then choose any image of your image sequence :

Smode will automatically propose you to encode the whole sequence into HAP (go check Export in Hap from third party softwares Use Smode Tech plugin for all your Hap export purposes (from after effects or other softwares) to have a good real time video with both quality and prestige! Read More part of the doc for further informations on HAP codec).

Then choose a folder to save the video inside of your media directories.

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