Control Device - Use an OSC Device as a controller

An OSC Control Device Use any external controllers such as MIDI or OSC, DMX, and ArtNet Read More receives messages from the network via the OSC protocol.
To configure an OSC control device, go to the Preferences Smode Preferences panel Read More panel [F11], in the Engine Preferences General preferences of SMODE's rendering engine. Add your Device here: MIDI controller, OSC, Video and Audio devices etc. Read More tab, select the Control Device section:

Add a new Control Device by clicking the Add button and choose the type of Video Output you want to use in the list. Click Apply changes to access the configuration settings.
A window, as shown below, will appear. Configure your OSC device according to your preferences:
  • Receive : Checks if your device is an OSC receiver
  • Local Input : Configures the address and the port to listen to
  • Reuse Local Port : Check this option if you want to listen to the same OSC messages with a different application than Smode
  • Send : Checks if your device is an OSC sender
  • Remote Output : Configures the address of the remote
  • Broadcast : Checks this option if the remote has a Broadcast address (

You can then check the incoming datas from your device through the Devices Panel Visualize and manage audio/video inputs/outputs, clocks, and controllers connected to Smode Read More .
You can, for instance, use an Xbox 360 controller through this control device with a Pure Data patch that you can find on the Smode forum. Here are some links to related YouTube tutorials:

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