Exposable Camera

Exposable Camera

How to use an Exposable Camera

The Exposable Camera How to use an Exposable Camera Read More allows you to use a Standard Camera Standard camera with a perspective/orthographic frustum Read More , as well as complex Camera like the Spherical Camera Spherical Camera (for 360 videos) Read More or the Stereoscopic Camera A stereo camera allowing to display in 2 video fluw or in anaglyph Read More .
To have a exposed Camera you need to add the node "Exposable Camera" inside notch and link it to the root.

Then you need to use Notch Exposed Properties How to Expose Properties Read More :

Once you have a exposed Camera in your Block you can use the Notch 3D Layer Notch 3D Layer Read More or a Notch 2D Generator Notch 2D Generator Read More :

Learn more about exposable camera inside Notch Documentation: nodes-cameras-exposable-camera

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