3D Text

3D Text

3D Generator - If you want to write

Allow to create your own text in 3d, can be easily extruded into a mesh using the Extrude Shape Extrude splines into 3D surfaces that can be displayed with Surface Read More or if your intent is only to display it with a Surface Display geometry's triangles as a surface Read More then the Triangulate Generate triangles on spline or point primitives to display surfaces Read More should be enough.
To display international characters such as Cyrillic / Chinese / Arabic etc. First you must go inside "edit > preferences > application > skin" and change here the skin into custom and the "Fixed Font Choice" into a font supporting your characters (such as Microsoft YaHei for Chinese). This will allow you to write inside the various text editors.
Now do not forget to change the font of the text layer itself inside it's own parameters.



Standard Presets: 3D Text - Font test and 3D Text

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