Sprite Points

Sprite Points

3D Renderer - Display point using any kind of 2D Layer A single 2D Layer Read More as map

A sprite is the most versatile point renderer. It can contain any 2D or sequences of 2D layers (including Compo Composite 2D Layer, Shape layer and 3D Layer together. [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [N] to create a new composition after opening Smode Read More , Image Layer This generator loads a still image and displays it. Read More or Video File Generate an animated image by playing a video file. Play it either with it's Transport or from a Timeline (by drag n dropping the layer inside it) Read More ) and also sprite-sheets. When adding a media inside the sprite points renderer, you can quickly change it through the file editor (go check the File Preview Panel Displays a preview of medias from the Media Directories Read More part of the documentation).
Note that you have a selector inside of the sprites points renderer, it act more or less as a 3D Mask 3D masks enable selecting 3D vertices based on their different attributes such as position, color and texture coordinate. Read More and allow you to choose which image inside your sprite will be displayed where and when. in this example, two sprites are displayed over a plane with a box selector (in yellow) driven by a function (in pink).

To add a composition inside a sprite point renderer just select the renderer and right click->maps->compo. Or drag and drop a composition inside of the sprite point.

If you want to use sprite-sheets, then select the renderer and enter the right number of sprites of your sprite-sheets (row and columns).

Then go inside the function selector and animate it's curve offset with a Function Cue An animation bloc defined by a Function Read More . Do not forget to put the selector curve in "repeat mode" as on the image below:



Advanced Presets: Mens, Womens and Mens-and-Womens

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