Volumetric Light

Volumetric Light

Special Layers - Cast rays to generate light where there is no shadows

Volumetric light is an independent layer in Smode, which mean that depending on where you put it in the tree it will be displayed differently. To make it work, first make sure that your Light Illuminate 3D renderers Read More are configured to display volumetric (go in advanced parameters of the lights)

Then you can instantiate your volumetric light (with right click or ctrl+space and type "volumetric"). In order to see your volumetric blending well with the geometries, put it after the geometries and enable the depth test in it's parameters.

You can check the tutorial part of the documentation to see an example using the Volumetric.
Else check this quick tutorial to see how to do a simple set up :


  • Blending Mode (Blending Mode) : How this volumetric light gets blended
  • Brightness (Positive floating point number) : Multiply the volumetric brightness of each light that has one.
  • Quality (Positive Number (> 0)) : Number of samples the volumetric light will use. Careful with that, it's heavy.
  • Enable Depth Test (On/off option) : Enable depth test of the volumetric. If you want the volumetric to interact with objects you have no choice but to activate this.

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