File Preview Panel

File Preview Panel

Displays a preview of medias from the Media Directories Where all of your content medias are Read More

By selecting a folder or a file inside the Media Directories Where all of your content medias are Read More , you can see a pre-visualisation of them. To see the previz of a main folder you may have to select first one of it's child folder and the select it again.
Also, if you select an image inside the Element Tree The hierarchical view of documents in Smode Read More you'll have access to a file tab just next to the Timeline Timelines specificity is to play, cut and edit video layers easily, and to animate layers and their parameters Read More tab in which you can see any medias in the same folder than the selected one.

Update Cache

To update medias or folder previz, just right click -> Update. As previz images are stored inside of the .smode folder, this will result in regenerating both cache and images files inside of it. Note that if you choose to update a folder, every child folder will be updated as well (which can take some time so be cautious). Usually the folder will automatically update once you put new medias inside.

Image File Information

Bytes per pixels (in octets): 4 Bytes = 32bits
Component Type int8 = 8bits/channel meaning 32bits/pixels
  • M : premultipliedAlphaFlag
  • I : interlacedLinesFlag
  • V : bottomToTopFlag
  • P : planarFlag

Video File Information

Last Modification Time: Obvious, so I won't offend you by documenting this. Although this phrase actually took me longer to write than an accurate description. This is the burden of politeness.
Size: Size in Mb.
Codec: The video codec, go check Video File Generate an animated image by playing a video file. Play it either with it's Transport or from a Timeline (by drag n dropping the layer inside it) Read More to see supported videos.
Resolution: Size in pixels.
Frames: Number of frames inside of the video.
Time Base: Number of frames per seconds. On this image 25/1 means 25 frames per seconds.
Chunk Count: Specific to Hap format, this actually mean how many processor cores can decode the video file in the same time. The higher the number, the faster it is.

3D File Information

Every information here is so obvious that I won't comment them. Anyway you must know that although Smode can take a lot of polygon, it is better not to have too many objects imported. Go check the 3D File External referenced 3D file (.fbx, .obj or .blend) Read More documentation for further information on this.

Reveal in explorer

Also note that nice and shiny little icon, it will reveal to your senses where the file / folder is inside the explorer:

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