Stylize modifiers

Stylize modifiers

Change pixels color and coordinates doing several operations, can generate sprites

These modifiers are kind of the same than the stylize filters of Photoshop. No more, no less. They may be a little dull sometimes but they do the job like Bruce Willis. Action movie style, rough and dirty !
Anyway, in combination with masks or meta modifiers (go check into the Utility Modifiers Utility Tools to generate hybrid and complex operations. Read More section) they can do some awesome effects.


Ambient Occlusion - Add screen-space ambient occlusion

Chromatic Aberration - Lens chromatic aberration effect

RGB Separate - Separate Red, Green and Blue layers

Sparkles - Generate sparkles on top of the image

Pixelate - Pixelate image

Sharpen - Sharpen effect using image samples

Emboss - Emboss effect using image samples

Sobel - Draw lines on contrasted area of the image using edge detection

Tiles - Turn the image into an assembly of tiles

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