Image Layer

Image Layer

2D Generator - This generator loads a still image and displays it.

The most simple way to import a still image in a compo is to drag it from the file tree to the Element Tree The hierarchical view of documents in Smode Read More :
When selecting the image layer, you can move or resize it from the Viewport Where you see what is happening in Smode. You can do without it but what would be the point? Read More , like any other 2D Layer A single 2D Layer Read More .
Smode supports the following image formats: .jpg , .png (with alpha), .psd (each layer can be imported separately), .tga , .tiff and .dds ( BC1 and BC3 codec )


  • File (Color 2d Mipmaps File Selector) : The image file
  • Sampling Parameters (Sampling Parameters) : Details on how the image is filtered and how it is displayed beyond the layer's borders

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