Audio Spectrum

Audio Spectrum

Link Source - Source of a link that uses audio extraction on an audio channel

Right click on a parameter and select "link to Audio Spectrum" to use that feature. Do not forget to configure an audio Input inside the preferences (F11) Here what can be achieved through with that source. Go check the Create Audio Reactive content Make your Smode compositions reactive to audio streams Read More part of the doc :


  • Output Value (Percentage) : Output value of the audio spectrum (Read Only)
  • Output Channel (On/off option) : Output channel of the audio spectrum
  • Channel (Bounded Positive Integer) : Channel of the audio spectrum
  • Method (Audio Spectrum Extractor Method) : Method of the audio spectrum
  • Exponent (Positive floating point number) : Exponent of the audio spectrum
  • Extractor (Audio Spectrum Extractor) : Extractor of the audio spectrum

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