How much does SMODE cost?

The Smode Designer demo version is free (but you can't save your work).
Please download the demo version from here.

Smode Designer is unlocked with a license that is added to a dongle.
This is a perpetual license that has no end period.
If you already own a Wibu Codemeter dongle the cost is 60€.
If you need a dongle and license the cost is 120€.
Click here to buy your dongle from our web shop.

Smode Designer inputs and outputs, as well as DMX / Art-Net / sACN outputs are watermarked.
You can create and simulate your show in real conditions until the last minute, but with watermarks.
When you are ready for your show, you buy I/O channels to remove the watermarks on as many inputs and outputs as you need.
I/O channels can be purchased from 120€ / month. Please contact us.

For an I/O resolution of more than 4K or yearly/perpetual options, please contact your local distributor.

How is the Smode Designer license stored?

The Smode Designer license is stored on a Wibu CodeMeter dongle.
Click here to buy your dongle from our web shop.

What are the minimal requirements?

Smode runs on Microsoft 64 bits operating systems.
Supported version is Windows 10. ( Windows 11 is not supported )
A minimum of 1 Gb of system disk space is available.
A modern 64 bit CPU is recommended with at least 16 Gb memory:

  • Intel Core i7 9th generation or greater
  • AMD Zen2 family and greater

A modern graphics card is needed with at least 8 Gb of memory. GPU needs to support at least OpenGL 4 and DirectX 11:

  • NVidia GeForce RTX 2060 or greater ( for non professional usage )
  • NVidia Quadro RTX5000 or greater
  • AMD FirePro WX9100 or greater

Intel, Matrox or other GPU are not yet supported. 
You need to ensure that your operating system and your graphics card drivers are up to date.
Smode does not support SLI it should be Disabled.
A fast NVMe SSD drive is recommended for highn performance video streaming.

Where can I get help with Smode?

Smode provides all the resources you need to learn Smode and start making your own amazing shows. 
Please check out the Training page of our website

For users who own a Smode Designer license we have a Discord server to provide dedicated and fast support.
When you purchase a license, you will be provided with an invitation to the Discord server.

Email support is also available. Please get in contact with us.

Where is the documentation?

There is extensive documentation and reference material here.
The same documentation can be downloaded to the Smode software. After downloading, you can press the F1 key on your keyboard and hover over any item in the UI to get instant help.