Quels sont les différents niveaux de support ?

Support communautaire : accédez à notre Discord, où notre communauté d'utilisateurs peut partager son expertise avec vous.

Support Premium : en plus d'accéder à notre communauté mondiale via Discord, vous bénéficierez d'une ligne de communication privilégiée directe avec nos équipes techniques pour garantir le succès de vos projets.

Comment est stockée la licence SMODE ?

Les licences SMODE Compose peuvent être, au choix, stockées sur un dongle ou bien directement rattaché à un ordinateur.

Les licences SMODE Live nécessitent l'usage d'un dongle Codemeter pour pouvoir fonctionner

Besoin d'un dongle ? Contactez-nous !

J'ai besoin d'un dongle, comment puis-je m'en procurer un?

Vous pouvez commander un dongle Codemeter Wibu en nous contactant directement

Est-il possible d'acheter une licence perpétuelle?

Oui, pour ce faire veuillez nous contacter

What are the minimal requirements?

Smode runs on Microsoft 64 bits operating systems.
Supported version is Windows 10. ( Windows 11 is not supported )
A minimum of 1 Gb of system disk space available.


A modern 64 bit CPU is recommended with at least 16 Gb memory:

  • Intel Core i7 9th or greater
  • AMD Zen2 family and greater


A modern graphics card is needed with at least 8 Gb of memory.
GPU needs to support at least OpenGL 4 and DirectX 11:

  • NVidia GeForce RTX 2060 or greater ( for non professional usage )
  • NVidia Quadro RTX5000 or greater
  • AMD FirePro WX9100 or greater ( since 9.4 AMD graphic card support was downgraded to experimental level.

Intel, Matrox or other GPU are not supported.
You need to ensure that your operating system and your graphics card drivers are up to date.
Smode does not support SLI it should be Disabled

A fast NVMe SSD drive is recommended for high performance video streaming. try to place your nvme data disk where it directly connect to the CPU ( not via the chipset )

You can check out this documentation page: SMODE requirement

Are Notch Block available for SMODE Compose?

Yes, they are available on all versions except for SMODE Community (free version). However you need to possess a Notch License

Where can I get help with Smode?

Smode provides all the resources you need to learn Smode and start making your own amazing shows. 
Please check out the Training page of our website

For users who own a SMODE license we have a Discord server to provide dedicated and fast support.
When you purchase a license, you will be provided with an invitation to the Discord server.

Email support is also available. Please get in contact with us.

Where is the documentation?

There is extensive documentation and reference material here.
The same documentation can be downloaded to the Smode software. After downloading, you can press the F1 key on your keyboard and hover over any item in the UI to get instant help.