How-To In Unreal Multi Gpu

How-To In Unreal Multi Gpu

How to configure Unreal with a MultiGpu setup

The recommended setup is How-To In Unreal Multi Server How to configure Unreal with a Multi Server setup Read More

You should Use Smode 9.2 and Unreal 4.27.2

Unreal Plugins

First copy the Smode plugins in your project "plugins" folder or in the engine "plugins" folder
You need to enable the plugins Smode, Spout and nDisplay
The PixelStreaming plugins need to be disabled for the Gpu Selection to work

Unreal Projects Settings

1) Set the Custom timestep to SmodeCustimTimeStep

2) Set the Game Instance Class to SmodeGameInstace

3) Set enable alpha channel support in postprossess to Linear Color Space only or Allow through Tonemapper depending on what you will do in Composure

Plugins settings

1) Select the Ip and port of the Server where Smode is running ( when in the same Server)

2) Activate nDisplay in nDisplay: Main --> Enable: True

Integrate your Map

Option 1 ( the preset ):

1) Open the levels panel
2) Drag and drop the “SmodeSetup_Map” from the plugin “Smode Content/utilities” to the levels
3) Select all actor from this level
4) Move them into the persistent level ( say yes to the prompt )
5) Delete the “SmodeSetup_Map” from your levels ( say yes to the prompt )

Option 2( the custom ):

1) Setup your composure like you want with a back and front layer elements ( name are important)
Select “Back_render_target” , “Front_render_target” as output of your layer elements, and you can put a second output as viewport to gain performance
2) Drag and drop the “BP_SmodeRig” from “Smode Content”
3) Connect the CineCamera and composure in the rig

Select Front Object

For an object to be rendered into the Front Plate you need to add it into a layer
Then select the layer in the front Composure
and Exclude it from the back Composure

The Switchboard launcher is located in: /Engine/Plugins/VirtualProduction/Switchboard/Source/Switchboard/switchboard.bat
and the listener is in /Engine/Binaries/Win64/SwitchboardListener.exe
  1. launch the Switchboard launcher and listener
  2. Add the ndisplay config file to the Switchboard
    Example config file is in Plugins/SmodeUnrealPlugin/Content/NdisplayConfig/NdisplaySmode_1node.ndisplay
  3. Open the setting and add "-dc_gpu=1" to the Extra Cmd Args of the back ( and front "-dc_gpu=2" if you have 3 GPU and use the NdisplaySmode_2node.ndisplay )
  4. Connect and Launch the nDisplay instance
  • Beware of the Ip of the Server
  • Beware of the GPU configuration
  • Gpu number start at 0 unlike Smode where it’s 1
  • it’s not useful to have 2 unreal instance if they are on the same Gpu

Video Tutorial for 4.26

Now you can check How-To Unreal In Smode How to integrate your Unreal content inside Smode Read More for the next step

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