Smode 9.4

Smode 9.4

What's new in 9.4 ? (20/07/2023)

Enhanced Test Pattern

Test Pattern Generate a Test Pattern Read More now has a color grid option.

New Color Selector

Discover the HSV Color Selector HSV color widget Read More for better color management.

Power Save Mode

Use the Power Save Mode Enable/Disable energy eco mode Read More to enable an Eco mode.

Full ChangeLog of Smode 9.4

  • New: Fast Denoise (new blur color aggregator)
  • Fix: WarpPoint not visible in warp texture modifier parameter
  • New: Colored Checker Board in Test Pattern Generate a Test Pattern Read More texture generator
  • New: Grid Justification selector in Test Pattern Generate a Test Pattern Read More texture generator
  • New: Tiles Label in Test Pattern Generate a Test Pattern Read More texture generator
  • New: OCIO Modify colors using a color space conversion from an OCIO file Read More Texture Modifier for advanced color space management
  • Chg: Better performance and stability when playback large video file
  • Fix: FBX animation import regression
  • Chg: Enable a clipping distance override inside current content map
  • New: Tracking System Use a stage Tracking System trackers as attractors Read More as a Vortex parameter for particles
  • Fix: FBX with sphere light do not let Smode Crash
  • New: HSV Color Selector HSV color widget Read More selector ( HSV / RGB / Hexa wheel )
  • New: Power Save Mode Enable/Disable energy eco mode Read More ( shortcut CTRL+shift+F9 )
  • Fix: Align audio level in devices
  • New: Remaining Time in Timelines ( before next marker or end of timeline )
  • Chg: Allow use of decimal when doing expression in Integer parameter
  • Fix: Popup windows workspace are not correctly restore after import
  • New: Learn An easy way to have everything interactive. Read More is working with existing remote control device
  • New: Device in the quick start panel
  • New: Access to Display preference in the Output Toolbar menu
  • New: Access to Network adapter preference in the Network Toolbar menu
  • Fix: Per server content loading no longer prevent to render a layer in deactivated pipeline elements
  • Chg: Stage Lights Add the lights coming from the Stage to the current Processor Read More are now available from search bar
  • Chg: Improved Video playback automatic pre-buffering ( you should generally not enable the preload and unload option in timeline )
  • Chg: Update Adobe Substance 3D Materials SDK from version 7.0.0 to version 8.6.2
  • Chg: Update NDI from to
  • Chg: Update to Imath 3.1
  • Chg: Update to OpenEXR 3.1
  • Chg: Update Snappy from v1.1.8 to v1.1.10
  • Chg: Update Eigen from v3.3.7 to v3.4
  • New: Support new Posistage Net-PSN Use PosistageNet values in Smode Read More (PSN) 2.03 fields: status, accel, target_pos and timestamp
  • Fix: Delay link modifier with Set link modifier not working
  • Chg: Improved usage of multi-core for video export performance for intensive CPU encoding ( like ProRes )
  • Fix: Connecting to a remote is less prone to aborted connection
  • Fix: Remote viewport change is now faster
  • Fix: Remote viewport resize crash
  • Chg: Update Nvapi from R440 to R530
  • Chg: Update Cuda Toolkit from 11.4 to 12.2
Pipeline / Stage:
  • Fix: FBX import in stage and wizard 3D stage creation result in wrong illumination
  • New: number of Trackers read only parameter in the Tracking System To visualize tracked points using a tracking device Read More advanced parameters
  • Fix: better support of per content loading for
  • New: Engine External Synchronize Servers Animations with Time Provider Synchronize animations on different servers with rendering clock sharing Read More
  • Chg: AMD graphic card support was downgraded to experimental level. (not to use on show critical event)
  • Chg: Remove ASPhoenix capture card support
  • Chg: Improved precision in Audio Clock Interpret external audio timecode Read More / MIDI Clock Interpret external MIDI Timecode Read More clocks
  • Chg: Improved interlaced decoding and encoding support for video devices
  • Chg: Update Decklink from SDK 11.4 to 12.3
  • New: BlackMagic Output Use Native BlackMagic Video as Output Read More video output
  • New: DeltaCast Use Native Delta Cast Video as Input Read More 10 bits video capture
  • New: Blackmagic Decklink 10 bits video capture
  • Fix: mjpg direct-show support
  • Chg: Pixel format and resolution selector inside the direct-show device
  • Chg: Optitrack NatNet API from v3.1 TO v4
  • Chg: Update Oculus SDK from v43 to v64
  • Fix: Let FreeDControlDevice support camera Id
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