Smode 9.4 revision

Smode 9.4 revision

What's fixed in 9.4 revision ?


Released on 24/02/2024:
  • Opt: media directories preview of .mp4 files do not impact performances anymore.
  • Fix: mismatch between DMX operations in Array of fixture vs. independent fixtures.
  • Fix: Smode 9.3 Freerun workflow.
  • Fix: OpenColorIO crash on missing lut file scenario.
  • Chg: update to NDI 5.6.1 embedding last NewTek sender closing potential crash fix.
  • Opt: ArtNet output optimizations.
  • New: Support of non standard PSN implementation protocol because of GrandMa.
  • Fix: Element tracks Fade in/out parameters disappear.


Released on 06/02/2024:
  • Fix: 16 bit rgba Tiff loading
  • Fix: Properly cleanup previous Smode 9.3 server of Smode Launcher listing.
  • Fix: can't reset the default workspace anymore
  • Fix: Per Server content Loading state don't update after apply.
  • Fix: Eject mouse cursor is not true by default
  • Fix: Edit function button disappears with link modifiers
  • Fix: Color Picker don't work on other color selector anymore.
  • Fix: Fixtures bank badly interpret universe id greater than 255


Released on 06/12/2023:
  • Chg: OscPacketSender and DMX packet senders use HsvColor.
  • Chg: Smode Compose use Smode 10 license model and support software license.
  • Chg: NDI update from 5.5.4 to 5.6.0
  • Chg: warning when videoplayer profiler is active.
  • Opt: reduced CPU consumption of loaded but disabled videoplayer.
  • Opt: user interface draw and better editability rules.
  • Opt: vram panic flush unreferenced object and does not display dialog box when on air.
  • Opt: NotchLC codec playback optimization.
  • Fix: Camera mapping and volumetric layer targets lost during load, save and network editing.
  • Fix: Bad targets at scene importation.
  • Fix: Datapath capture card regression.
  • Fix: Crash on empty PC2 files.
  • Fix: unloaded videoplayer do not report activity anymore.
  • Fix: export and load of Compo with exposed elements.
  • Fix: Smode crash when connecting to a server with input device in UId conflict state.
  • Fix: Instantiate modifier crash on object inside the Volume Scene.


Released on 18/10/2023:
  • Fix: Video input does not respect project automatic color depth setting quality.
  • Fix: Test pattern size may be non integer again.
  • Fix: let bad configuration do not freeze Smode boot.
  • Fix: On air or Output active disable Windows sleep mode if Smode power save mode is off.
  • Fix: Avoid .project be considerated as a simple folder instead of a Smode Project when pushing it through SmodeNet.
  • Fix: Fixture creation dialog box use correct value interpretation when Universe is set to sAcn display mode.
  • Fix: Image sequence video export work again for Smode Compose and Live editions.


Released on 28/09/2023:
  • New: Let AutomateDeviceTool support remote device.
  • New: Stadium sample !
  • Chg: Application Settings will not be editable from a remote anymore.
  • Fix: OCIO Modify colors using a color space conversion from an OCIO file Read More color space was inverted
  • Fix: Distant server may crash when another server in topology push a new project
  • Fix: Engine TimeProvider on Remote CurrentTimeClock stability on long duration playback.
  • Fix: Number widget display computer result when typing expression with same value
  • Fix: ComboBox widget can edit value that was not part of choices.
  • Fix: File and Color editor was displayed again in Parameters editor.
  • Fix: Consolidate with GeometryStageElement (especially for .fbx dependencies)
  • Fix: Loop on 2dGroup do not disconnect Targets.
  • Fix: Timeline block splitting have correct length.
  • Fix: Text Texture Atlas size and content.
  • Fix: Frame-drop counter false positive in audio file playback.
  • Fix: Let SmodeLink Map/Rig update robust to Unreal and Smode Startup/Restart


Released on 17/08/2023:
  • Opt: Test pattern does not impact mapper performance anymore
  • Fix: Let test pattern label size be common for each case
  • Chg: Test pattern grid enhancement
  • Chg: Put mapper shape into a tab ( for advanced user )
  • Chg: OCIO standard LUT added in standard pack
  • Fix: Crash when closing current project
  • Fix: Auto save badly remove the Document modified flag
  • Chg: Python source code editing improvement
  • Fix: Noisy dialog box with Smode and SmodeLauncher when running an old Smode version in the network.
  • Fix: Shared control Device creation unreliable
  • Fix: Backward video playback frame drop (Backward buffer is only needed when changing playback direction)
  • Fix: Video Playback with 0 at speed glitching when approaching next timeline block
  • Fix: Video playback frame drop with timeline speed higher than 1
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