Smode 9.3

Smode 9.3

What's new in 9.3 ? (09/08/2022)

Introduce: Workspaces

Create your own Workspace Customize the interface Read More and interface thanks the new UI engine!

New: TextLayer

Discover the Text layer Advanced text tool Read More . A powerful layer for content designers such as video encoders.

New: Smode-Net v2

The Smode Net Remote control a server, Make multiple servers render together, Work with multiple people on the same project Read More is now improved and the topology replace the old session

Create your own presets!

Save Presets How to save your own preset Read More and win precious times.

Enhanced video edition

How to edit video Tips for video editing Read More faster ?

See all problems

Use the Issues Panel List of all the errors and warning encountered Read More to debug your document.

DDS Transcode

Powerful transcode method for images. Start now and Transcode image in DDS Convert a list of Image in DDS images for faster loading times Read More

Full ChangeLog of Smode 9.3

Smode-Net v2:
  • New: Multi Smode Node support for SmodeLauncher
  • New: Network Topology instead of Session
  • New: Pull Push project commands and add from discovery command from Topology
Pipeline / Stage:
  • * Fix: Using multiple Fixture Definitions A dedicated Bank to store your fixtures Read More on the same Control device does not double the IO channel required
  • * Fix: Video Projector Virtual video projectors of Smode stage, used for real life mapping, usually directly connected to the Outputs Read More Illumination Simulation PBR Surface Surface Physically-based rendering Read More different from Surface Display geometry's triangles as a surface Read More
2D / 3D:
  • New: custom text position in Test Pattern Generate a Test Pattern Read More
  • New: ImageSequence support audio export only.
  • New: TextLayers, modifiers and mask
  • New: Transcode image in DDS Convert a list of Image in DDS images for faster loading times Read More
  • Fix: Parent input does not work as displace map inside a compo based modifier
  • Improved Python Script Write Python scripts inside Smode Read More documentation
  • New: Oil.docMe(object) function to show METHODS and VARIABLES in the tree
  • Chg: Shortcut for execution is now Ctrl+space
  • Chg: Ctrl+enter now only save the script and does not run it
  • New: access to Timeline track and element
  • New: that automatically makes a pixel extraction 2d scene mapping from content maps list
Shortcut: UI/UX:
  • New: Customizable Interface and workspace
  • New: Ask confirmation when closing Smode while on air
  • New: Option to chose if the last project automatically is Loaded at boot (preference-->application-->Smode recent File)
  • New: Password protected for User Interface Lock Lock all edition capabilities of the user interface Read More
  • New: Automatic name for Single Fixture A reference of Fixture Type Read More based on the DMX address
  • New: Scroll in toolbars
  • Chg: Enhance video file preview for Video Editing
  • New: Save Presets How to save your own preset Read More
  • New: License Panel is Open (with a warning) when license is about to expire at startup
  • New: Support of categories in Notch block parameters
  • New: Filter by "type:" in the element tree ( keyword "type:" and the class of the layer )
  • New: Parameter IN / OUT are now visualized in Timeline
  • Fix: Fit to screen in Function Editor The editor allows you to manipulate every Function in Smode Read More
  • New: create Main Timeline Editor Timeline animation editor Read More and play standalone is possible with multiple selection
  • New: Open/change a Timeline Editor Timeline animation editor Read More editor when using a keyframe "Go to" command
  • New: Drag and Drop From file preview with support of In Out
  • Chg: selection behavior is now improved
  • New: Free run option in timeline clock binding
  • Fix: Mo-sys tracking device use correct rotation and flip order
  • Fix: PBR now look as bright as surface when using light with intensity of 1
  • New: Improved performance for Single Fixture A reference of Fixture Type Read More preview with the option in Stage 3D modeling of the real-world video setup Read More Group "Don't Get Sub Tree Light"
  • Fix: Delay Link Modifier Delay the change of the link Read More is now working with Trigger parameter
  • Fix: Freeze output "blurs" the output
  • Chg: Update NDI from version to version
  • Fix: Smode is not Locked on the V-sync when there is no output
  • Fix: Physical camera calibrated Focus not transmitted to the focus value
You can find the fix made for the Smode 9.3 revision What's fixed in 9.3 revision ? Read More
See the changelog of Smode 9.2 What's new in 9.2 ? (4/11/2021) Read More

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