Smode 9.3 revision

Smode 9.3 revision

What's fixed in 9.3 revision ?


Released on 06/10/2022:
  • Fix: Nvidia Crash when exporting with video file, and video file black or white durring export on Geforce Card
  • New: enforce GPU attribute ( for 10 bit ( since fix above )) 10 bits Color Output Enable 10 Bit support for the Standard Output Read More
  • Fix: timelines items selection in Tree not sync
  • Fix: shape line rendered in half
  • New: "tagsDefaultScale" option in XRDisplayInformation
  • Fix: crash when CapsuleGeometryGenerator and CylinderGeometryGenerator slice is nul
  • Fix: drag and drop multiple Shapes in Group of shapes do not work


Released on 30/08/2022:
  • Fix: Remove one frame delay in Control Devices
  • Fix: track blocks are rendered in front of the timeline header ( cursor and marker ...)
  • Fix: Smode stay open as a ghost after close when using a remote ndi viewport
  • Chg: update NDI from to
See the changelog of Smode 9.3 What's new in 9.3 ? (09/08/2022) Read More

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