Smode 9.2 revision

Smode 9.2 revision

What's fixed in 9.2 revision ?


Released on 09/06/2022:
  • Fix: Standalone player don't get length of the media
  • Fix: MultiContext pool size default value set back to 1
  • New: Apply "reset at preload" state in CueList preload
  • Fix: SmodeNet RemoteClock creation crash when distant Smode assign it into timeline
  • Fix: PosistageNet missing tracker name
  • Fix: Reintroduce correct offscreen windows bounds for no output vertical synchronization support
  • Fix: Mouse cross is not deleted if mapper is deleted inside processors
  • Fix: Relocate media directory no need a manual update anymore
  • Fix: Reading dds image sequence
  • Fix: Streaming thread that does not exit when no more readed files block
  • New: Python Wrapping of files


Released on 10/04/2022:
  • Fix: enhancement for "Merge Into Timeline" command
  • Fix: io ChannelQuantity with multiple unlock
  • Fix: Smode ProductName in Smode files metadata
  • New: support both LTC and MTC as external clocks
  • Fix: stuttering compo when using position noise scale
  • Fix: Make it impossible to duplicate a shared element with ctrl+dnd
  • Fix: Compo preload, in order to avoid bad first frames in video export
  • New: 144hz frequency preset for modern laptops


Released on 28/03/2022:
  • Fix: vortex field regression
  • Fix: interpestive warning dialog when dragging isf letting Smode Crash
  • Fix: CSV import regression
  • Chg: add new hardware using default boot tricks
  • Fix: linked scale ratio broken when animating
  • New: Smode Tech SAS Digital signature
  • Fix: 10 bits windows workflow for Nvidia and warning message when misconfigured
  • Chg: include object path into "wrong type in weak pointer" warning
  • Fix: MappingStageElement not impacted by per server loading


Released on 11/02/2022:
  • Fix: Text Layer is very slow when something is animated alongside it
  • Fix: Crash when trying to export with no IO channel
  • Fix: Changing video buffer Value too fast leads to a crash
  • Chg: disallow a scene to be inside its own timeline
  • Fix: ClockDevice LTC is more stable
  • Fix: reinitialize streamer with video buffer sizes change
  • Fix: Disable scene preview in media Dir
  • Fix: PositionTextureModifiermodify and Displace2dTransform cyclic dependencies
  • Chg: update LibJpeg 6b of 27-Mar-1998 to 9e of 16-Jan-2022 to better handle corrupted image file


Released on 17/01/2022:
  • Fix: better detection and support of rec.709 for ProRes streaming
  • Fix: audio exporter setting cannot be set back to null
  • Fix: TDR when making preview of svg file


Released on 10/01/2022:
  • Fix: silent Cuda error at boot for AMD
  • Fix: recreate clock device do not reset reception warning
  • New: Add path column to media table
  • Fix: Avstreaming crash
  • Fix: interlaced sglsl shader error with AMD debug context
  • Fix: Error with Delta-h4k2-elp-20-RX
  • Fix: better error message propagation for Deltacast


Released on 22/12/2021:
  • Fix: Crash when saving a large document
  • Fix: Crazy slow glLinkProgram
  • New: clear logs menu for DigitalLogWidget


Released on 13/12/2021:
  • Fix: Vioso is not working
  • Fix: Profiler display higher value than before depending on what is viewed
  • Fix: Oculus plugin is missing
  • Fix: missing icon for GeometryStageElement
  • Fix: Missing MatteTextureModifier in the menu if the user don't have the license.


Released on 30/11/2021:
  • Fix: Fixture output performance regression
  • Fix: set test pattern custom grid size minimum to 2 px to avoid division by 0
  • Fix: let ContentMapCurrentCamera work even if the content map is not rendered
  • Fix: Notch propagates the metadata via the 2D scene mapping to the content map for XR
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