Smode 9.1 revision

Smode 9.1 revision

What's fixed in 9.1 revision ?


Released on 08/09/2021:
  • Fix: Muting video-output in the pipeline now turn output black
  • Fix: Avoid refresh session reset master server
  • Fix: Bug of the Color balance after a Hue Saturation Luminance or Brightness Contrast Gamma
  • Fix: Smode Remote can serve Device to SmodeNet
  • Fix: "sample" is now a reserved glsl keyword and increase code robustness
  • Fix: Midi devices that are used in another software says no I/O
  • Fix: Avoid audio device be opened during enumeration when already in use for MADI RME
  • Fix: enforce transparent when out of bounds in 3D Camera Mapping


Released on 30/06/2021:
  • New: Python script in standard Pack: CropContentMap for resizing content map without resizing content area.
  • New: Command for Refresh server device on the network Session


Released on 25/06/2021:
  • Fix: Input IP selector have regressed can't type by hand
  • Fix: SunGlareSkyComponent to avoid endless recalculation of Directional Light
  • Fix: compositing data was badly refreshed when disabled if refresh at update activated
  • Fix: Deltacast hardware frame-drop detector on VideoInput
  • Fix: Deltacast introduce elapsedTimeSinceGrab and genlockOffset
  • Fix: caller from getFileFromPath crash
  • Fix: no more special menus for ParametersStates, it follows the default behavior
  • Fix: crash during a network session


Released on 28/05/2021:
  • Fix: Animation Speed make Looping weird Behavior
  • Fix: SmodeNet, 2D mapping deactivation (Per Server Loading)
  • Fix: Crash when changing device unreal IP
  • Fix: Create layer from preset list doesn't work
  • Fix: metadata issue in Deltacast
  • Fix: external Compo Reference does not show the exposed parameter in the parameter editor
  • Opt: do not recreate connection widget each time UnrealDevice receive a log
  • Fix: Selecting device combo box is impossible when receiving log
  • Fix: reveal in media directory does not select the compo in the media tab
  • Fix: Display of activation (and loading) in parameters


Released on 20/05/2021:
  • Fix: DnD a Parameter in the Timeline doesn't pause / disables the Timeline anymore
  • Fix: timeline does not finalize
  • Fix: Timeline transfer content into does not remove the track of the destination timeline
  • Fix: quick fix to display activation of time markers
  • Fix: Cue widget layout regression


Released on 03/05/2021
  • Fix: Drag&Drop Video in timeline crash
  • Fix: PhysicalCamera in example project cause license error
  • Fix: use 2D scene mapping resolution instead of input data resolution
  • Fix: better optimal default for mask threshold of latency Calibrator
  • Fix: Curve view navigation is broken
  • Fix: Free Locators Camera Calibrator Locator are not rendered
  • Fix: calibrator parameter add locator Scale ( placement Size )
  • Fix: Notch placement rotation
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