Smode 8.5

Smode 8.5

Shapes and fixtures !


  • Reset number values by right-clicking on their up/down arrows
  • Improved support of DPI zoom
  • Enumerate missing files in the bottom of the media directories tree
  • Press 'Ctrl' in order to rescale placement side/corner around anchor
  • 'Ctrl+Shift+I' shortcut in order to invert the order of multiple selection elements or keyframes
  • Sub-element menu button inside "Type" parameter rows
  • The new Mapper now works inside 2D Virtual Screens *

  • In parametric placements, parameter "Size" has been renamed into "Stretch to Fit"
  • The SMODE-NET menu is now visible by default*


  • Shape layer Bezier shape and drawing Read More Layers!
  • Bezier Masks!
  • Support loading of 16 bits .png image files
  • "offset" and "balance" parameters in the 2D Checker Board
  • Introduce mapping modes inside the PBR renderer: Gradient, Triplanar Mapping Define a mixture of one / three or six textures corresponding to the X, Y and Z local axis. Read More and UVW mapping
  • Boxify 3d distort modifier

  • Update of the library of standard Vidvox ISF shaders

  • Light group doesn't take sub-light intensity into account on PBR surfaces

Stage Design:*

  • LED Fixtures in the stage (Beta)
  • Dmx fixtures for Colors (8 bit), 3D positions and orientation *

Animation and Control:

  • Infinite Ramp cue
  • Mouse device with learnable position and buttons
  • Support of sACN protocol both in input and output*
  • OSC Packet Sender*
  • Oculus Camera and Device*
  • Support of Deltacast HDMI Video Capture*
  • Support of the PosiStageNet (PSN) tracking protocol*
  • Support of the TrackMen camera tracking protocol*
  • Support of Deltacast HDMI Video Capture*

  • Improve behavior of "exposing as percentage" an On/Off options and on activation states
  • Use Cues and Timeline names in their editor tabs instead of simply "Function" or "Timeline"
  • Update HAP Snappy compression from 1.1.3 to 1.1.7


  • When exporting and consolidating, preserve the folder hierarchy structure



  • Update NvApi to R430
  • Update fftReal to v2.11
  • Update libfbx to 2019.5
  • fixes to enhance stability and robustness of Smode-NET *
  • Update to Wibu Codemeter 6.70a *
  • NDI performance improvement on both AMD and NVidia machines *
  • Update DeltaCast driver to v6.12 and support for GPUDirect and non DirectGMA GPUs *
* Smode Station only

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