Smode Tech

Smode Tech

9 ter Rue Auguste Barbier

75011 Paris, France

Contact: contact[@]smode.io

Phone: +33 (0) 1 43 38 99 87

Smode Japan Co., Ltd.

Smode Japan Co., Ltd.

Contact: japan[@]smode.io


Years ago, in his student accomodation in Paris, France, Francis Maes decided that it would be funny to connect MIDI controllers to his real-time 3D demo-making engine. Shortly after, the Smousse MIDI-Oriented Demo Engine was born! After some live demo-making in the early 2000’s, veejaying and clubbing from 2004 to 2006, he and some like-minded innovators came to discover the potential for real-time compositing as a way to revolutionize the production of visual content in the live media and entertainment industry.

Since then, SMODE has grown in several fields from TV shows to musicals, concerts, and interactive and immersive installations, being driven by collaboration with passionate and creative people, and never shying away from hardcore development, beta-testing, and deployment.

After a long and slow process of maturation as an internal tool within the content creation studio D/Labs, the dedicated software company Smode Tech was created in 2019 by Francis Maes and Alexandre Buge, in order to launch SMODE on the market. Since then, SMODE and Smode Tech's global user community has been growing fast.

The SMODE team has become a collection of veteran entrepreneurs, designers, creatives, passionate researchers, and computer scientists based in Paris, France and Nara, Japan. We continuously develop new features for content creators and stage designers and work closely with third party hardware and software editors and research institutions in the development of leading edge graphical products.

We are constantly looking for talented people eager to work at the edge of technology and art. Send your resume and motivations to [email protected]!

Our goals are creative accomplishment, excellence, and human values. We believe in collaboration, communication, short feedback loops, and artisanal and organic growth.

In line with this commitment to quality and impact, we contribute 1% of our total income to Team for the Planet, an initiative dedicated to reducing CO₂ emissions that invests in innovative, eco-friendly and open-source solutions that are making a tangible impact on the fight against climate change